Monster Hunter 4 coming exclusively to 3DS in 2014/2015

monster hunter 4g_logo_large
Capcom recently announced that Monster Hunter 4 G will be released in the East later this year, with Monster Hunter 4  Ultimate making it’s way stateside early 2015.  If you’re wondering what’s going on  let me explain. Capcom typically releases the original Monster Hunter title for Japan and then follows up for a Western release usually with some upgrades, this time around when MH4 Ultimate comes West it will also support online play and local co-op play.

They also announced that gamers will be able to import data from MH4G to MH4 Ultimate. So let’s refresh; Monster Hunter 4 G (Japan only) Late 2014, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (North America) Early 2015. Good thing I finally picked up a 3DS over the holidays.

Source: Siliconera