Designer behind Final Fantasy Tactics launches a new tactical RPG on Kickstarter


If you grew up during the days of the original PlayStation you may have played a game called “Final Fantasy Tactics”. It wasn’t directly related to the Final Fantasy series but it was still remarkable as it had a unique turn-based combat system as well as a job system that was set in a medieval set environment.  The game was a breath of refresh air in that it was an engaging title was a first that combined a 3D isometric playing field, that allowed the players to see the entire playing field from multiple angles. It was definitely only of my favorite PlayStation games and still rates up there as on of the best games I’ve ever played.

So imagine my excitement when I learned that FF: Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno and team (Playdek) have announced that they are working on a new tactical RPG in the same vein as FF: Tactics and have launched the project on Kickstarter.  Seriously guys, I’ve waited 20 years of a true followup to Final Fantasy Tactics, I can’t wait for this. Entitled “Unsung Story: Tale of Two Guardians”, the game will incorporate many story telling elements that will review the underling story to the players that will span throughout several years or even decades! Featuring a 3D landscape and world along with a player controller camera to get you into the thick of the environment and will include a multitude of professions (classes) such as a War Mage (YES!), Ballast Knight, Polearm Knight and a Aerolest (think of them as a very smart and talent warrior)

 “Unsung Story is an exciting turn-based, tactical war simulation RPG that plays across a great epoch, through individual story episodes. YOU, the player, research and explore the vast history of this conflict that nearly tore Rasfalia apart, by reliving past battles and political events.

Unsung Story_4

Since launching onto Kickstarter the project has already collected @249,766.00 out of the goal of $600,000.00 and the project funding time frame is Jan 14th – Feb 14th, 2014. If the project surpasses the goal amount then there will be several levels of stretch goals that range from adding additonal scenarios to a challenge mode , a co-op mode (2v2 & 2vAI) and even for porting the game over to the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Unsung Story is slated to come to the PC/Mac platforms as well as iOS and Android, while the title is slated for release Q3 2015.

For more information regarding the game and to help get this project funded, head on over to Kickstarter page @!

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