ARGH, I can’t play Metal Gear Revengeance on PC thanks to motion sickness!


I have to say that I’m quite sad due to the recent port of Metal Gear Revengeance to the PC and not for the reasons you may think of. It’s mnot a bad port, sure it’s missing a few options such as Vsync and it doesn’t support 1440P but beyond that it’s leaps and bounds better than other attempts to port games to the PC (I’m looking at you Namco and your pissed port Dark Souls port). Believe me when I say that I really enjoy the game, well that is when I can play it.

And thus this arrives at the issue; The game simply makes me sick. Motion sickness that is. Thanks to the omission of any FoV (Field of View) settings, the narrow FoV combined with the blur affect is playing hell with my senses to the point where I can only play the game for 30 – 40 minutes at a time and even then I have to wait again to play as I’m way too nauseous to play it again right away. It’s a rarity when it happens but when it does happen it happens in a big way and sadly this issue seems to impact a pretty decent portion of gamers, though I can’t say that I’ve heard any console gamers having the same issue compared to the number of PC gamers that seem to go through this.

This happened to me way back when Half Life 2 released and more so recently with BioShock: Infinite but thankfully you were either able to force a FoV change via the configuration file or the adjustment sliders were built into the game. Not so with MGR and there doesn’t seem to be any way (Yet) to adjust the FoV via the games configuration file. This never affected me on other fast paced games such as Unreal Tournament, Quake and so forth, but I guess that’s different strokes for different folks.

I guess until this either gets patches or a work around is found I’ll have to settle on taking some Dramamine.


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