PiixL’a announces a SteamOS PC that hides on the back of your TV

Looks like the SteamOS scene just got even more exciting, this time thanks to PiixL’s Jetpack PC that no only runs Valve’s SteamOS software but it also straps to the back of your TV and hiding it from plan sight. That my friends is ingenious.

The Jetpack was designed to be an open gaming system, basically allowing users to customize the system to their needs and will support high end components such as Intel’s i7 Core processors and even the latest and greatest CPU’s from AMD and Nvidia.


Since it’s still a PC, users are also not restricted to running the SteamOS and can install any OS on the system such as Windows or another favor of Linux. Lastly not only is the Jetpack TV mountable but it can also be mounted onto a way as well.

The Jetpack has a release date of January 1st, 2014 and is rumored to cost $1000.00. 

Source – PiixL


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