Filmmakers working a documentary that focuses on indie game developers

Melbourne-based filmmakers Lester Francois and Anna Brady, who form Studio Bento, today launched a teaser trailer to support their Slacker Backer website; designed to raise funds to bring indie games film, GameLoading: Rise of the Indies, to life.

The film; a feature length documentary about the rising subculture of indie game developers around the world, has completed the first block of filming overseas where Francois and Brady interviewed dozens of indie developers – all of which was made possible by a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign.
After returning home the filmmakers launched a Slacker Backer website, which went live today with new rewards courtesy of some top indie game developers. These developers, all of whom we have interviewed for the film, are donating small scratch games, prototypes, old games or custom games for the GameLoading: Rise of the Indies Slacker Backer campaign.

To support the campaign and pledge please visit: and for more information including which developers they’ve already interviewed, who is working on the film and more, head on over to their Kickstarter page. Currently you can help by pledging either $25, $60 or $100 donations via Paypal. Each tier will provide you with several rewards depending on the pledge;

$25 Pledge

  • Digital download of the completed film
  • Soundtrack from the film
  • Kickstarter game bundle 
  • Your name mentioned in the film’s thank you and credits, as well as a mention on their website
  • The new Super Indie Bundle that includes games from which includes 17 games from Vlambeer, Dejobann, Tale of Tales, Northyway Games, Michael Brough, Rowan Parker, Adriel Wallick, Davey Wreden & William Pugh

$60 Pledge includes everything in the $25 pledge and the following;

  • Blu-ray disc of the film

$100Pledge includes everything in the $60 pledge and the following;

  • T-shirt

“The three month shoot was overwhelming but worth it. We shot hours of amazing content and met the cream of the indie developer scene. We are excited to announce that some of these developers are donating games to our slacker backer rewards.” Said filmmaker Lester Francois.

“The first thing we did when we arrived home was to start cutting the teaser trailer. We felt we owed it to our Kickstarter backers to show them all the great content that we shot overseas. We also want to show potential slacker backers that our project is serious and has the promise to be something special.”

The Film GameLoading: Rise of the Indies aims to take a snapshot of the worldwide indie game subculture, by following the pioneers of indie development to see how they are changing the industry, and their views on what video games can be. It takes a personal and holistic look at this international creative community who are disrupting the traditional video games industry. The films first block of filming covered 11 cities, three continents and four indie gaming events. The first half of the shoot visited Seattle (PAXPrime), New York, Austin TX (Fantastic Arcade), Los Angeles (IndieCade) and San Francisco. From there the team travelled to the London and Nottingham (GameCity) then to Bucharest – Romania, Ghent – Belgium, and Utrecht and Amsterdam in The Netherlands.  

GameLoading interviewed developers Rami Ismail from Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing), Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone), Tale Of Tales, Bay12 (Dwarf Fortress), Steve Swink (Scale), Ichiro Lambe (Monster Loves You), Itay Keren (Mushroom 11), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Ed Key (Proteus), Those Awesome Guys (Concerned Joe) and many more. The shoot also included industry experts Tracy Fullerton (USC), Nick Suttner (Sony) and Sam Roberts (IndieCade).

You can also follow Studio Bento  @

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