WTF? – Why the hell are there fighting games for touch devices?

OK, enough is enough! Yes I admit that while I’m a huge supporter of hand held devices such as Android and iOS enabled devices and believer they can supplement gaming on consoles and PCS, I simply can’t fathom certain things. One of those certain things is pushing fighting games on those devices. Fighting games, you know, those type of games that require you to perform lightning fast inputs and require tons of movement to beat the living hell out of your opponent. How in the world do developers expect people to actually play these types of games on touch screens and actually enjoy them. I don’t know about you but I can’t even look at them and remotely even think that it’s fun.

First it wasStreet Fighter IV followed by Street Fighter X Tekken on iOS, then came King of Fighters on iOS and Android… and now Injustice is on those platforms as well. Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously is it just me or what? If you think that perhaps i’m taking this a tad to far then check out the video below.

Now, did that even seem like fun to you? Tap, tap, tap tap… slow down the fight, tap, tap tap. I hope the heck that if anyone picks up thsi game that they don’t end up tapping their screen so hard that it breaks. Don’t laugh, how many controllers can you recall in your life time that were either slammed on a table or on the floor or flung to their doom? Now image that on the tap screen, just with finger presses of death. In all seriousness though I don’t have an issue with these types of games on hand helds but I have a major issue with them being played with touch screens and if you care about both your device ad fighting games then you would as well. Give those games an option to use physical inputs and if the game can’t be done with out the touch screen being incorporated into the game play then perhaps those games should bypass that device alltogether. It’s not hard to program to allow for controllers and both the iPhone and tons of Android smartphone’s have physically controllers such as the Moga series or even the Gameklip

A touch screen is just that, a screen. How these companies expect for gamers to play games that require fast and precise inputs is beyond me, it’s simply madess. If anything someone should create a button mashing fighting game for iOS and Android… oh wait, there are already several of those already out in the wild and they play pretty damned well. Why? Cause it was made for that type of format! 


So yeah, I’ll get off my soapbox now. What do you think about the who subject? Do you agree with having touch controls for a fighting game?

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