First thing to do when you get your Playstation 4? Change out the hard drive of course!

I don’t know about you but the very first thing on my mind when I come to collect my Playstation 4 wouldn’t be popping in a game. Nope! Instead I’ll be swapping out the harddrive and so should you. With the amount of data that games will require for mandatory installs it’s a no-brainer and something that will bite you in your collective gaming asses if you plan on playing several games on that shiny new system.

Thankfully for the masses Gamespot also had this in mind and created a video that explains the steps to swap out the hard drive and get it all nice and snug in it’s new home. Keep in mind that in the video they swap it out for a SSD drive, I don’t recommend this unless you got money to burn as SSD drives are still up there in price and for a 1TB SSD drive you’re looking for any where between $500 – $600.

So what to do with the old drive? Hang on to it, hard drives don’t last for ever, happy upgrading!

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