What do you mean that this isn’t an actual movie?


Well shit, you could have fooled me and seemlying it’s fooled a ton of other people as well. I’m referring to director J.J. Palomo’s proof of concept, titled Keloid. I mean if I didn’t know any better I’d say this was definitely an upcoming movie and seemed to pay homage to movies such as the Matrix, Blade Runner, Terminator and even the recent Elysium. 

As yet another man vs machine meets the apocalypse theme, Keloid is definitely a looker in the CGI department and revivals movies that have 3-4x the budget. It’s stunning to say the least and it’s not an actual movie. Are you sure? 

But sadly it isn’t but it needs to be. It really really needs to be! Hollywood, anyone… please pick up this guy and make this happen!

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