Treasure puts Ikaruga on Steam Greenlight

That’s right kiddies, Treasure seems to be interested in Steam, likely due to SteamOS / Steam Machine and has decided to put Ikaruga on Steam’s Greenlight program.

So you know what that means? It’s time to vote it up and get it onto Steam. Seriously let’s not kid ourselves, Ikaruga is one of the most iconic shumup’s of our time and it deserves to be on Steam and played by as many people as possible.  So head over to or log into Steam and vote it up.


  • The player ship, all enemies and bullets are black or white. 
  • Player’s polarity can be switched at will. 
  • Your ship can absorb enemy bullets of the same polarity. 
  • Filled energy goes to fire powerful homing lasers! (Release Power) 
  • Defeat 3 enemies in a row of the same polarity and get the chain bonus! 
  • Building up high scores feels like a puzzle game? 
  • Spectacular 3D graphics. Fast and smooth game play. 
  • 5 levels. Tactical level design and boss battles. 
  • 3 difficulty levels: EASY, NORMAL, HARD. 
  • Change your tactics depending on the difficulty. 
  • Vertical screen mode supported. 
  • Xbox 360 controller supported. 
  • Local 2Player Co-op. Double Play Mode allows you play two ships with one controller.
  •  Steam editon is the latest tune-up version based on Xbox360 editon.


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