New Titanfall information and trailer released

Respawn Entertain has released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Titanfall, as well as the release date of March 11 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Also announced was the collector’s edition which will include a copy of the game, a full-sized art book with 190+ pages, an exclusive poster that details the schematics of the Atlas titan and a 18 inch hand-crafted titan status complete with LED lighting for….. $249.99!


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  1. Good ol' JS

    This will probably be the game everyone is talking about next year. Whether it’s good or bad, it will have people talking. I’m almost hoping that it lives up to the hype because I can finally take a break from swinging axes into people’s heads(Chivalry) and start shooting them again.

    • Keith D. Mitchell

      For me it’s almost the perfect game. I’ve wanted a game with the following so long;

      1. Large scale cities.
      2. Mecha’s to run through those cites. Think Twisted Metal with mecha’s.
      3. Ability to jump out those mecha’s to continue the fight,
      4. Take over other peopl’s mecha’s.

      Seems that Titanfall is what I’ve wanted. Though it seems that Respawn must have been reading my mind or found my most wanted features in a game………

      • Good ol' JS

        I’ll need hands on before I make that determination but on paper yeah it seems awesome and the one point that really drives me to this game is that it seems to be all game modes rolled into one.

        So there’s objectives(along with murdering everyone) and bots/AI that run on both teams so there’s no excuse to sit still….ever.

        I really hope they do their best to weed out the camper spots on their maps because to me that could ruin what seems like a really good game.

      • Keith D. Mitchell

        Agreed. Campers annoy the hell out of me. I loved that one UT2k4 mod that forced you to move or you got nuked. I’d imagine that would be a huge point to address seeing how camping was commonplace, especially in CoD.

      • Good ol' JS

        COD campers are the worst. They always find that spot where they can drop 5-6 people before a lucky grenade can take them out. I think they piss me off more than aimbots.

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