Marvel’s done it again….. man did they do it again

IF there’s one thing you can count on any more in comics is that things that you would think are set in stone are usually the things that end up retconned. We all know it, we’ve see it many times under regardless if it’s DC Comics or Marvel and boy did Marvel make a huge channel in this past Ironman arc. So if you haven’t been reading it, it basically started out telling the birth of Tony Stark and goes on to explain why he’s so good with machines and so forth. This eventually ties in with a power hungry robot who is obsessed with Tony and needs him to basically do this bidding, well because he was the reason that Tony Stark ended being Tony Stark.

Yeah, don’t ask, just either read it or trust me about it. So going forth the arc ended in Ironman #17  (2013) and low and behold the entire arc wasn’t about Tony Start No, it’s about the true son of Howard Stark, Arno Stark. Going further Tony Stark is adopted, the same guy who was penned as the only son of Howard Stark. Sp Tony’s not the brilliant birth child and apparently Arno is leagues beyond Tony Stark.



Arno, who’s been sickly ever since birth is not able to breathe on this own much less move. Tony Stark is the inventor of Ironman, can you put one and one together? So now what? Are we going to have the Stark Brothers? Are we going to have an entire family of Ironmen, with Tony, Pepper, Rhodey and Arno? Marvel, what gives?

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    Andrew Wilson

    Amazing, they found a baby with howard’s look, genius and mechanical aptitude at the last minute. Those have got to be powerball like odds.

    Eventually, i’m sure it will come out that Tony is Howard’s love child from an affair or some such crap.