Extra Life 2013 Streamathon taking place on November 2nd


This upcoming Saturday,November 2nd at 8am a ragtag group of gamers know as the “DatAssCrewPGH” will be playing games for Extra Life charity event. The Extra Life event is 25 hour marathon of gaming,  one that lets the gamers give to the community by raising proceeds for a children’s hospital of their choosing and is similar to Child’s Play. Extra Life raised more than 2 million dollars to save kids in 2012 and thsi year they’re looking to up the ante and you can help.

The team will be streaming their marathon via Twitch and everyone is welcomed to jump on and interact with via face cams and chat as they game to raise money for the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital.

The stream will be available at 8am at the following link – http://www.twitch.tv/datasscrewpgh 
For more information on Extra Life and what they do for the community, please via the link – http://www.extra-life.org

 If you wish to donate and I hope you do, you can do so via the links below.

Jbrom’s Donation page – Link
Clue2025’s Donation page – Link
OutlawHSC / ELQuatro Loko’s Donation page – Link
Don Jitsu’s Donation page – Link

The Team

We are a group of competitive gamers from Western Pennsylvania that love to game even when we’re not getting ready for tournament play. We come from various communities brought together through conventions and tournaments and to entertain you.

JBroms is a Starcraft 2 player that came from Call of Duty. When he’s not receiving hate mail from opponents he’s playing Resident Evil 3 and other survival horror games.
clue2025 is a Street Fighter 2 and Tekken Tag player. Stepping back from tournaments since Super SF4, he’s been getting into all kinds of weird games, mostly from independent devs. Eurotruck Simulator and PinballFX are 2 favorites.
MightySquirrel is an Atari fiend, breaking records on the ancient console weekly. He helps with various websites for score keeping as well as spins happy hardcore once in awhile on stream or is fixing or modding consoles.
OutlawHSC aka El Quatro Loko is a masked crusader for the kids! A KOF player and occasional SF4 competitor, he has been running Mega Man X in the vein of speed runners such as CalebHart.
T2A|Klimax is an all fighting game player and former DDR/ITG/PIU competitor. He plays any and everything because he just loves games.
Don Jitsu grew up with Clue playing Street Fighter and Tekken frequently together until they went to college. He loves the Metal Gear series as well as side scrolling beat’em ups and Metroidvania games.

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Keith Mitchell is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Outerhaven. A grizzled IT professional during the day, but a passionate lover of video games after his 9-5 grid. Loves playing the Dark Souls series and has been gaming since he was 6 years old. Available for podcasts upon request.