Update regarding the status of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Previously I posted a rant regarding the poor state of Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and a large part of that rant was the inability to log into the game. Well of course it not only affected me but a huge portion of the North American and Europe players (and there were a few reports of Japanese players having the same issue). Well thankfully has provided an update and hopefully a correction course for game. As I mentioned before the game is fantastic but all the issues that are plaguing the game are turning gamers off. Square-Enix definitely has a hit on their hands, that is if they can fix the cluster fuck that’s currently on going.

Final Fantasy XIV ARR

So what are they going to do? Read the following;

“Login Issue Update
I know many of you are still affected by the World login and character creation restrictions, so I would like to give you all a brief update on the progress of the measures we are taking to alleviate this situation.

Current Server Status
To ensure as many players as possible can log in and create characters on existing servers, our development and operations teams are monitoring server load and population around the clock, placing and removing restrictions with even the slightest fluctuation in numbers in order to maintain near-full capacity on each World. We are still experiencing maximum concurrent connection numbers of over 230,000 users. This number, however, has taxed some of our instance servers, and is causing unexpected down time here, as well.

Scheduled Maintenance for Wednesday, September 4 (Japan Time)

The addition of new Worlds, as well as the adjustments to the duty finder servers, will be complete as of tomorrow. We will then enter our final internal testing phase of these features in preparation. If the results from these tests are favorable, we will conduct an extended all-World maintenance on Wednesday (Japan time). Once the new Worlds are implemented and the duty finder server load has been redistributed over smaller World server groups, we believe that many of the login issues that players are currently experiencing will clear.

When Worlds do finally reopen after the maintenance, we expect a rush of players trying to log back in. To prevent any further login issues, we will be using the utmost caution when restarting each World. Please understand that there may be some congestion at this time.

The development and operations teams are currently dedicating their full resources to alleviating the issues at hand and providing all of our players with a stable environment in which to experience the realm of Eorzea.

Free Trial Extension

To apologize to our loyal fans who may not have been able to login or create characters during early access and the days immediately following launch, the development and operations teams are currently considering providing all player accounts with an additional seven days to their free trials. This includes non-legacy players from 1.0, who will be given new seven-day free trials. Trial extensions will be awarded after the aforementioned server maintenance on Wednesday. Details on the trial extension, including the extension period, will be released in a separate post as soon as they have been solidified.

We thank our fans again for the overwhelming support you have shown us over the past week. The response to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn has well exceeded our expectations, and unfortunately resulted in our inability to provide the service which we originally intended. We humbly ask for your continued patience as we work to alleviate the issues as we truly appreciate all of our fans. We are very sorry for the frustration that has resulted from these problems.”

Well here’s to hoping that the scheduled maintenance will fix the issues but honestly they should have throught about an AFK timer and more servers / realms prior to launching the game. The AFK at the very least should be been there as it’s in just about every current day MMORPG, I can’t think of one off-hand that doesn’t have one.


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