Sega Gains Atlus. Chill Out.

According to Nikkei, it seems that Atlus, the company responsible for Catherine and the Shin Megami Tensei series (as well as the US release of The King of Fighters XIII) will be a brand of Sega’s.

Atlus Logo

Now, I imagine those of you who are already aware of the news are already saying さよなら to your favorite series for fear that Sega will immediately can them or otherwise ruin them FOREVER™. If this is you, then you either already hate Sega, are a purist or just plain cynical. Look, none of us know how this acquisition is going to go. This could be indeed a disaster or or it could be the best thing for both companies. When Bandai and Namco joined forces, that worked out brilliantly, didn’t it?

Some of you are probably pointing towards the “failed” team ups of Square & Enix, Tecmo & Koei, and well, Sega & Sammy. I’d like to point out that since they’re all still in business, nothing has failed at all.

At any rate, let’s just see how all this plays out, and don’t be so damn quick to blow your brains out.