Now that PAX Prime is over you know what that means.

So with much sadness, PAX Prime has ended and with that wraps up the years of Penny Arcade Expo event, however it’s not all doom and gloom. With the ending on one event begins the start of a new one….. well one that starts in 7 months. That’s right baby, PAX East 2014. I just wanted to make everyone aware that the way things work with the PAX events; Once one event ends the ticket sales for the next event usually start up a week to a month afterwards. Meaning that the tickets for PAX East 2014 will likely be going on sale soon and if anything like last year, then those 3-day passes are going to go FAST!

I highly recommend everyone to keep their browsers pointed to cause as soon as those tickets go on sale it’s going to be crazy!

Ticket sales from few years were $35 for friday, saturday & sunday or $70 for a 3-day pass. Per the people who run the event the prices won’t change, so start getting those wallets ready. PAX events are always tons of fun, full of price and free swag, demos,presentations and the best part is meeting fellow gamer’s and making new friends.

In a related note your buddies, namely the Outerhaven crew, will be trying their best to be there to give you coverage of the event. Of course I’ll be there however I was the lone dog at PAX East 2011 & 2013. This time around we want to get at least half the crew at the event!


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