If you still don't have a Playstation 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5 then this deal is for you

Rakuten.com, formerly know as Buy.com, currently has a 500GB Playstation 3 bundled wth Grand Theft Auto 5 on ther website for $289.99.  While that’s a decent deal it’s that’s not the big deal I’m referring to however.  If you head over to their Ebay Buy.com page you’ll be able to pick up that same deal for 60 dollars less, $229.00 +shipping and handling. You can’t beat that with a baseball bat… well I suppose you could, but that wouldn’t be very smart now would it?

Sorry Xbox 360 fans, there’s no deal for you.


Head on over to Buy.com’s Ebay link by clicking here and reaping in the benefits of a good deal!