So Microsoft finally gave in to the demands of the gamers…. or did they??

The Xbox One has been through a number of changes since it’s official reveal at E3 2013, hasn’t it? First came the news that “Always On” was being scrapped and along side of that was the removal of the Draconian DRM. Next game the news that both a HMDI cable and headset will come bundled with the console and that wasn’t the end of it. Now we have news that the Xbox One will not longer required the Kinect to work. So is that a game changer now? Does that automatically assume that gamers will flock to the system? Well if those gamers are thinking with their heads then it’s a 50/50% change.


I will agree that all the changes have been for the best and I definitely agree that the Kinect was being forced upon consumers vs giving us a choice, however I hope that doesn’t send signals to developers that Microsoft has already abandoned the Kinect 2.0. That said I wanted to give my two cents on the entire Xbox One “180”, take them for what it’s worth. I have said time and time ago to my fellow gamers that Microsoft had some good ideas with the Xbox One and was trying to protect their system, I can understand that but they failed on it’s implementation. When you are seeking to alienate your audience core and then have some buffoon telling them that if they don’t agree with the Xbox One to get a Xbox 360……that wasn’t to smart and thankfully that character (Don Mattrick) is gone. Thankfully Microsoft has seen the error of their ways and have started to make changes for the better or have they?

No I’m not talking about sneaking in some DRM at the last minutes or via a download once the console is purchased. I’m talking about what’s going on behind the scenes. Microsoft is a business and the focus of most businesses is to make money. Money to continue to operate, money to focus on development and money to line the pockets of their shareholders and their is where I think these major changes lie.


First they got rid of Don Mattrick and who do you think was behind that? You think the shareholders wanted him to rant to gamers to not get their latest and greatest console and get a last generation version instead? I think not! What about the removal of the DRM and Kinect requirement? Definitely due to the shareholders. Sure as a gamer I’d like to think that Microsoft was listening to the demands of a community but I don’t think that influenced their decisions as much as the shareholders also stating that changes need to be made. Without them Microsoft is less of a company sinec that would also mean lack of funding. Sure Bill Gates could bail them out but I really don’t think Bill agrees with the original Xbox One gameplan either, the man is way to smart for that.

However no matter have this is viewed; A win for us gamers or a demand from the fat-cats, it comes down to the same thing and that’s a more desirable console compared to where it was two months ago. So Microsoft now that the Kinect isn’t required, how’s about an upgraded SKU with the removal of the Kinect and a drop of $100? 

Here’s to hoping on that!

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