First off I have to say “Thank You” to whomever emailed me a link to the coming “Strike Vector”. I don’t know how I missed it since I love sci-fi shooters, Indie games and the Unreal Engine. And as fate would have it that this game has all three of those elements, so I’m all over this. So what is Strike Vector you ask?  Well  take the frantic action of Unreal Tournament 99-2004 (Not that crappy assed Unreal Tournament III) and Quake with some aero-combat found in titles such as the original Ace Combat and Crimson Skies and that will sum up what Strike Vector is!

Sounds intense, doesn’t it? It gets better!

Not only does the game look amazing but it’s also being created by a team of four… yep, just four. Simply amazing, isn’t it? Oh and for those flight combat junkies, it even has a cockpit view.


Strike Vector is being developed for the PC however the developers are already thinking about porting it over to other platforms. Lastly the team behind Strike Vector would like our help to get the game Greenlit on Steam. Just click on the link give your support – Link.

For more info on Strike Vector, click on the “Read More” link.

Strike Vector is an intense, multi-player third / first person air combat game.
With a distinct old school feel, reminiscent to games such as Crimson Skies, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, Strike Vector will let you test your reflexes and skills against your friends.

Strike Vector unique gameplay allows you to switch between two movement modes:
– Quick reaction Jet Mode ability which allows you to quickly reach your foes, engage the fight and fast evade if it’s nescessary.
– Hover Mode offers an experience closer to a classic FPS gameplay with increased precision, ironsight and strafe based evasion moves.

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