I Am Iron Patriot! The Pop Vinyl! that is

First off I want to address 3 points here. 1: I am a HUGE War Machine fan, I love the guy. 2: I am still somewhat pissed that War Machine was called “Iron Patriot” in the recent Iron Man 3 movie. Marvel, come on man. You know full well that the Iron Patriot was a suit worn by Norm Osbourne… a bad guy! Oh well…..  3: I will usually buy anything War Machine related when possible (unless my wife stops me first).

That said I couldn’t resist picking up the recent Iron Patriot bobblehead from Pop VinylI was at the local Barnes and Noble when I saw him sitting there, amidst a sea of Iron Men and Halo figures, so I had to rescue him. Though I’m not so sure that was a good idea as it seems the local crew seems to be ganging up on him. War Machine included…..

And what the hell is Batman doing up there anyway?

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