… Another one bites the dust, er… goes F2P!

Well not biting the dust, but instead going the F2P model. RiFT, perhaps the first MMO that  has put up some fight again Blizzard’s World of Warcraf, has going F2P…. or will be come June 12th.  Now that’s not to say that RiFT is a bad MMO cause it isn’t. Perhaps the best MMO after World of Warcraft (And / or Tera), RiFT has tons of customization, lots of content and is constantly evolving. It is defintely worth picking up especially now that it will be going F2P.

All in all, PC gamers that were on the fence about picking up RiFT or those who’ve played RiFT Lite (1-20 trial) then this is right up your alley.


So let’s see. Guild Wars 2, RiFT, TERA, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Aion are all now using the F2P model. So I wonder how long it will be until World of Warcraft is going the same route.

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