The GXL Lives! Introducing GXL Resurrection!

Ok, I admit that the headline for this post is perhaps. I dunno… out of place. But c’mon, I mean you don’t get to see a resurrection of a Lan Party that in the past had so much force behind it that it was literally a ticking time bomb of pure gaming awesomeness. I’m referring to what is and was know as “The GXL” lan parties and man they were tons of fun. Tons of great games, even better gamers, kick ass tournaments, tons of free swag and much much more. It was the type of event that you couldn’t wait til it got here and then cried like a baby when it was over. They were the stuff of legends!

The GXL Resurrection

Are you excited yet?

However as fated are all good things, it simply ran it’s course and before we knew it the GXL lan parties were gone. A mere afterthought and a fading but glorious memory. 

But wait! What’s this? GXL Resurrection? WHAT???????? The GXL is coming back? A fall 2013 event you say? Is this for real? This isn’t an April’s fools joke is it? No, you’re serious? 



So you heard it gamers! The GXL is coming back, like a phoenix from the grave! Be sure to check out their facebook page link and get more information about the after the break!

TheGXL was established on February 27th, 2004, as a collaboration of local gaming clans and organizations in the DE, NJ, and PA area.  This collaboration of resources results in over 30 years of LAN party experience.  TheGXL’s goal is to institute the largest and most exciting LANs on the East Coast.  TheGXL has ran over 10 events ranging between 70 attendees to 700.

Previous Events:

  • GXL 256 Feb 2004
  • GXL 512 October 2004
  • GXL MINI 1 Feb 2005
  • GXL 256 II October 2007
  • GXL 256 III April 2008
  • GXL 400 October 2008
  • GXL MINI V April 2009
  • GXL Unleashed October 2009
  • GXL TMG  May 2011

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