We as people need to change before all is lost

Forgive me everyone as I hate to comment on things like what the nation experienced today regarding the recent Sandy Hook Elementary school Shooting.

All I can say is I have nothing but rage for anyone, ANYONE, who takes out their frustration out on children. ARGH, so pissed I want to punch someone in the face as hard as I can. It saddens me that some random asshat would rather kill innocent children, or anyone for that matter rather than deal with their own issues. Hell, off yourself but don’t drag others down with you. Sure I wasn’t involved but as a parent I can understand the emotions of those parents who are fearful for their children’s lives  today though I can never understand how those parents feel, the ones who lost a beloved child on this day. And truth be told I hope I never will understand it. I lost my father a few years back and that pain has never gone away so I don’t even want to imagine the grief I’d feel if I lose one of both of my children. Not parent should have to go through that pain, EVER!

As much as love my lucky number “27” it hurts to see that many people dead, regardless to how close we are to Christmas or not. I actually had tears rolling down my face when I heard this. We as a country have to stop this nonsense before there’s nothing left and our humanity is gone. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, recent Connecticut elementary school shooting. It has to stop people and it has to stop sooner than later.

I don’t care if the result is stricter gun control, the lose of the second amendment, harsher punishments, something needs to be done.

Damn humanity, what has happened to us? Something has to change……