More info on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods emerge

Everyone’s favorite Super Saiyen is making a come back in Akira’s Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Yes fans of legends, we’re finally going to get another Dragon Ball Z movie, an animated on, not that like that crappy-assed live action movie (Can’t get it out of my head)!

This time around Son Goku and crew  get to take on none other than the God of Destruction, the guy who mains balance in the universe. Seems he takes notice of Goku defeating Frieza and decides to track Son Goku down. You’d think that you wouldn’t want to mess with the guy who runs the universe but you know how Son Goku is… a fight is a fight. Sadly Son Goku gets the beatdown leaving the God of Destruction to ponder if there is anyone on the planet Earth worthy to fight. And there you have the making’s of the next movie.


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to be released in Japan on March 30th, 2013. No word on a release in North American as of yet.

P.S. People may want to kill me but I hope to GOD it does get a dub. I CAN’T stand Son Guku’s Japanese voice over.

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