Whatever happened to the single player game experience? Nowadays it’s all about the multi-player / online game. Call me old school, but I miss sitting at home in my man cave (my room when I was younger) and progressing through a game with a thin, but good, story line.  Sure there are a few good 1 player games out there.  The last “great” ones I can remember are the Batman series, any of the Elder Scroll games and God of War.

Most of the people I know play one of the many FPSs  that are out on the market.  I don’t buy FPSs for the multi-player  aspect though.  For example, I bought Halo 4 recently because I enjoy the Sci-Fi storyline. You read that last word of the previous sentence? “Story-Line”.  Story-line depth is mostly absent in FPSs. The games I mentioned earlier all have good-to-great story lines.

There’s one annoyance I’ve been having lately. When I’m on my console playing a single player game, there’s always someone on my friends list who wants to talk to me or interrupt my gaming experience by requesting this or that, and asking me to get on a certain game. I really like that Microsoft has the feature in XBL to set your appearance as “Offline” or whatever its called. PSN, not so much. You can only appear as “Away”.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing “some” online games with friends. But sometimes, it’s annoying when you’re playing a game and someone on your friends list pops in and say “Hurry and finish so we can blah, blah, blah, on blah game” or “insert what your friend(s) comment here”

 I’d like to hear from the readers on this one.

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