Fantasy Dragon Final Quest -21: A Rukunetsu album

If you’re a fan of video game music and you haven’t heard the name of Rukunetsu ( did an interview with him last year – Link), either you haven’t been listening to the right type or you’ve been living under a rock in which you should get help but that’s a different subject. Rukunetsu, the self made video game music remixer / artist had been slaving away on an unnamed project for some time now and has finally come uot and released the project; Fantasy Dragon Final Quest -21-.

But what is Fantasy Dragon Final Quest -21- you ask? I’ll be happy to supply an answer to that. This album is the result of hard work and selection of tracks from both the Final Fantasy 13 and DragonQuest VIII soundtracks with the best ones being chosen as tracks to be remixed by yours truly. The result is a completely awesome experience that must be heard.

Now being the guy that Rukunetsu is, he has put the album up on ( where it can be downloaded for free by using the name your price. I 100% recommend that everyone however donate rather than simply downloading this album for free. We have to support our artists in the scene cause if we don’t, who will?

For more information and download the album head over to

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