Sega's Model 2 Collection

I’ll keep the introduction short. I’m Ryan, long time Sonic fan and the new guy here. Nice to meet you.

Now, then. Lookie what we have here! Looks like Sega’s on a roll! After re-releasing two Dreamcast faves and an old Saturn legend, they’ve gone an announced a whole ‘nother collection of digital returns, this time from their arcade library. To be specific, five games released on their Model 2 arcade boards.

Which games? Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Striker, Sonic the Fighters (shut it), Fighting Vipers, and Virtua On. Check out the Japanese trailer below.


This is pretty cool, I must say. Many of these games either didn’t reach a very wide audience or have been waiting for a comeback for a long time. What’s really impressive to me, though, is the roster for Sonic the Fighters. Not only did they add Metal Sonic and Eggman, but they’ve actually finished the model and moveset for Honey the Cat! I mean, damn! How serious are they!?


Each game will be about $10 Stateside (around 800 Microsoft Points; PS3 owners can do the math on their end). Expect a release over here later on.