Apple event set for October 23rd: iPAD Mini perhaps?

Hot off the heels of Microsoft announcing the official pricing of their Windows 8 Surface tablet, Apple finally let’s the cat out of the bag and announces their own surprise; An event on October 23rd. Now while this is something that caught everyone (Almost) by surprise it shouldn’t be a complete shocker. Apple has been rumored to have been working on a competitor to the Android 7″ inch tablet space and a scaled down version of their iPad; The iPad Mini.

Of course they didn’t officially come out and say that’s what the event is…. or did they. Read that image again. We got a “little” more to show you. Get it now? Little, Mini? So if that’s truly what we’re going to be seeing in the upcoming week then things jsut got a little more interesting for those looking for a tablet this holiday shopping season. Not only will they have to take in consideration the Google Nexus (which is confirmed now to have a 32GB version), the Amazon Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD, the Barnes & Noble Nook HD, and then (if that’s what’s happening) Apple’s entry into the 7″ inch tablet world, the iPAD Mini.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. And for those out there who don’t have a tablet already what do you think? Does the idea of a 7″ iOS tablet excite you or not?

Also rumored spec’s and information of the Apple iPAD Mini after the break.

Apple Mini “Rumored” Specs and info:

  • 7.85 display @ 1024 x 768 resolution. That however rules out the “Retina” display.
  • A5x Processor
  • 512MB of RAM (Memory)
  • 16GB for storage
  • iOS 6 *This is a given since it’s Apple’s newest mobile OS*
  • Lightning connector *also a given as it’s
  • Price tag of $300