Accel World season 1 is over

Episode 24 marks the end of the season for Accel World, an anime that takes place in a virtual world where players fight battles for points among things. While I haven’t actually spoken on this anime in the past, partly due to the fact that I rather stink when it comes to reviews of that nature I can fully say that I truly enjoyed it. Not sure if that’s due to the fact that I’m a huge technology buff / geek and I’m enjoy Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO’s) and fighters (Though not so much as I used to). I’m going to break down the anime or anything to that matter but I will say that it’s definitely one to check into if you haven’t seen it especially if you’ve read the light novel’s or not.

However there is good news as it seems they are or at least have been working on a season 2. Hopefully they will clear up a few things like those other characters that were shown in both the opening and endings as well get more in-depth with the world. So while I’m sad it’s over (already?) at least now I only have to worry about catching Sword Art Online now.

Now what’s this about a Accel World x Sword Art Online collaboration?

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