A little something to tide you over until Strike Suit Zero is released

YES! YES! YES… NO! Originally Strike Suit Zero was supposed to be released for the PC in the summer of 2012 however it has slipped into the fall. Still the game is still being shown off at various events such as PAX and will be on display again at Eurogamer Expo 2012 (September 27-30).

So while we wait the developers figured they would share off some new screen shots of the game just to keep us in suspense of this eagerly await space combat title that really reminds me of a mash up of Zone of the Enders and Omega Boost… which is definitely 100% a good thing! And I also figured I’d toss in the recent trailer that was reveal during Pax Prime 2012 as well.

Damn I need this game! And yes I’ve loving the music from what I’ve heard so far as well!