Weekly Audio Spotlight – Persona 4: Arena

In honor of the US release of Atlus’ Persona 4 Arena, this week’s spotlight shines on the game’s stellar soundtrack.


With an impressive collection of both original tunes and remixes crafted by the Persona series’ resident composer Shoji Meguro, Persona 4 Arena’s music gives you a nostalgic feel while providing a thumping vibe for you to kick ass to.


Also, the theme they chose for Elizabeth is just as kickass as she is. Didn’t even need a remix from Persona 3!


A slight negative mark is that the tracks aren’t cut to properly loop while fighting in the game. But hey, if you’re listening to it in your speakers, who cares?

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Holland Culbreath

Holland Culbreath (Nitro) is The Outer Haven's resident tournament fighting game expert and FG Community member from Philadelphia, PA. Holland is a music aficionado, multi-talented console and PC gamer, technology enthusiast, and avid anime/manga watcher/reader. He is also semi-fluent in Japanese. Favorite franchises include Street Fighter, Metal Gear and Sonic the Hedgehog.