Pick up the awesomeness that is Persona 4 Arena but didn’t pre-order it (Foreshame on you) and totally missed out on the limited run of the arranged CD? Well no worries my friend, we got your back. The arranged CD only contained 6 tracks and not the full soundtrack from the game, nope, that comes out on August 22nd. Still you get access to 6 totally rocking tracks. but like I said, we got you covered and are hosting those 6 tracks for your musical pleasure.

Just a taste - Sampling of Persona 4 Arena's Arranged CD 1

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1. The Arena (Naked Mix) –

The Arena (Naked Mix)

2. The Hero from Junes (Electro Mix) –

The Hero from Junes (Electro Mix)

3. Like a Dragon (Girl Pop Mix) –


Like a Dragon (Girl Pop Mix)

4. Princess Amagi (Traditional Taste Mix) –

Princess Amagi (Traditional Taste Mix

5. The Wandering Wolf (Straight Mix) –

The Wandering Wolf (Straight Mix)

6. Missions for the Brilliant Executor (2K Mix) –


Missions for the Brilliant Executor (2K Mix)

The full Persona 4 Arena Soundtrack is being released on August 22nd can be per-ordered at your favorite anime / music store or online at Playasia.com

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