A sequel to Ninja Scroll? Sadly no!

Recently there was a video of a supposed sequel to the acclaimed anime, Ninja Scroll, making the rounds on the internet. A video that has seemingly gotten fans excited about an upcoming Ninja Scrolls sequel, however sadly things aren’t always what they seem. Apparently on a recent release of Ninja Scrolls on Japanese Bluray was a trailer for a” proposed”sequel to Ninja Scroll, titled Ninja Scroll Burst. This has been shopped the creator of the original Ninja Scroll, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, however it hasn’t progressed past that meaning it was never green lighted and it never came to pass.

Animated by Madhouse, it definitely appears to contain the spirit of the original Ninja Scroll and also some new imagination; check out the guy on the make shift cycle. Sadly this has been on the back burner for years and while it’s not my place to say if this anime will ever see the light of day, given the facts and it’s rather unfortunate history it more than likely won’t.