Changes made to The Outerhaven

We just wanted to make you aware of several changes to the site that you will to be aware of. First up is we have replaced the default commenting system with the Disqus commenting system. I had gone back in forth on why this should be done however you can’t beat the benefits and it also allows you the ability to log in via accounts you may already have such as; Yahoo, Google, Disqus, Twitter, Facebook and OpenID. That way you won’t have to sign up for another account on the vast web and perhaps removing that extra step will encourage you to stop by and say hello more often.

Secondly we were finally able to acquire the .com version of the domain so now you can access us via and .net with no issues ;-)

If anyone has any issues with the Disqus commenting system pease contact us via the “Contact Us | tips” link that is located to the upper right side of your screen.

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