NECA Announces A New Portal Gun Replica Limited Run

Thanks to NECA fans of the Portal series were able to get their hands on a replica of the portal gun from Valve’s Portal. The replica was in huge demand and sadly do to this the replica sold out pretty fast and hasn’t been accessible from NECA via their website. Though you can still get one if you want to fork out $300-$500 for one over on Ebay…. which is really sad as the replica originally sold for $149, that’s a huge mark up.

But fear not cause not only is NECA aware of this they also are giving the masses another chance to snag a portal fun replica, however this won’t be the original one but the one used by “P-body”. You know, one of those lovable robots that you use in the multiplayer portion of Portal 2. Key differences between this replica and the previous one is the glowing light which is red / orange, where in the original it was a glowing blue tone and it will feature yellow racing stripes on the rear of the gun.


Currently NECA is in the process of approving retailers for the replica and are expected to announce who they will be next week. So if you missed the last run I HIGHLY recommend that you make sure you got the cash for it as only 5000 of these will be made, just like the previous run. Once these are gone they are gone (from retailers that is) and you’ll be forced to check on Ebay yet again and get price gorged!