Marvel's Avengers 2 Confirmed….. Duh!

Well it’s official, The Avengers 2 has been confirmed……no, really it has been. Yes I am spoiling the movie for everyone who didn’t already know, sorry. Of course there was going to be a part 2 and probably a part 2. I mean did you not see that cameo of Thanos at the end of the movi.. oh you didn’t wait until after the credits, did you?

Well there you have it, Avengers 2, so who should be in it? Can I ask that Both Nova and Quasar be involved, eh Marvel? You’re gonna need some muscle to handle that guy and I don’t think anyone on the current “Movie” roster short of the Hulk and Thor can tangle with the beast that is Thanos. I mean c’mon, this is the guy who wanted to get freaky with “Death”!

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