Teaser For The Upcoming Fairy Tale Movie: The Maiden Of The Phoenix

I completely forget to report on this until my daughter, who is a HUGE Fairy Tale fan reminded me of it. There’s a new Fairy Tale movie that is going to be released in Japan on August 18th, 2012. The movie revolves around the Fairy Tale gang getting mixed up in and adventure to save the magical world end up discovering a girl named Eclair. Eclair proceeds to inform them that she has lost memory about just about everything except for delivering two powerful artifacts; The Phoenix Stones.

The movie is being directed by Masaya Fujumori who has worked on animations such as InuYasha and Doreamon. Also all of theoriginal voice actors from the TV series will be returning for the movie as well. Looks like advance ticket sells have been ongoing in Japan and even come with a 30 page limited edition special comic, which I expect to see on Ebay for a huge price.