Sonic 2 HD Fan Remake Is Dead

With profound sadness I want to report that the once GLORIOUS Sonic The Hedge 2 HD Remake is officially dead. No, Sega has nothing to do with this, not one single thing.

So what happened you’re probably asking? Well I’ll leave that to Vincent, the Project Leader of Team S2HD;

Last month we proudly showed off a demo of what we’ve accomplished with S2HD.
Needless to say, more work has been done on the game; unfortunately, the odds of this work every seeing the light of day is slim to none. We gave the project’s Lead Programmer, LOst, a week to provide us with a DRM free build of S2HD.
We’ve heard as much from him as you have, so it’s safe to assume that’s not going to happen. Given his complete lack of communication and cooperation, it falls upon to LOst to assume full responsibility for his actions as, up until the demo was released, the project’s leadership was unaware of both the DRM and the now infamous DirectInput bug. This was the last straw for us. He had ignored direct requests for the past two years, effectively holding the project ransom by refusing additional help or review on his private engine. If he didn’t think a piece of artwork matched his vision for the game, it was not included, or worse, was replaced by assets of his own creation. The same thing happened with the excellent multi-format sound engine our Tools Programmer Saxman created. Ultimately, LOst is no longer a part of the project.

That’s the good news. The bad news for the project far outweighs it unfortunately. We cannot replace our lead programmer as LOst kept the source code for himself, making it impossible to the coded source material to be updated or used as a base for newer builds.
Additionally, two key staff members, scanline99 and Cerulean Nights (both of whom were chiefly responsible for the many animations, spritework, and overall polish seen in the demo) have resigned from the project to concentrate on independent works and careers. While we wish them the best in their endeavours, what this means to the project is that they will no longer be producing any artwork for it. Without them we are not able to guarantee the same level of quality seen in the alpha. At the moment, with ongoing careers and kids to look after, both myself and Canned Karma don’t anticipate that we’ll have a great deal of time to devote to S2HD either, which means we’re forced to announce that

Sonic 2 HD is officially discontinued.

Certainly the DirectInput bug and the blogosphere fallout over it didn’t help matters, but by the time that had taken place we had already made the decision to discontinue the project almost two months ago, well ahead of the demo’s release. Internal conflicts between the project leadership and its main programmer which reached critical mass, and the only thing holding it together was the collective determination to put our frustrations aside and get a playable build into the hands of everyone who waited years for it.

Hopefully, another group in the Sonic community will pick up the torch and go forward with the vision we had over a year ago — not just creating a Sonic 2 remake, but creating entirely original content.

Thanks to everyone who supported the project, especially to the passionate classic Sonic fanbase.
The appreciation thousands of fans expressed to S2HD as a game made “by fans for fans”, represents a landmark where SEGA has to look at for a profitable use of the -highly demanded and beloved Classic franchise.


Team S2HD
Project Leader

That sucks ;( I was really looking forward to the complete game, it definitely gave Sega a run for it’s money and easily outdid any of Sega’s Sonic titles.

Good Luck to the rest of the team and whatever they go on to do next.

Source – Sonic The Headhog 2 HD Project Facebook Page

4 Responses

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    Carlos Abdu

    Yo I am gonna play the bad guy here and shout…”WHO CARES!!” . I am tired of the internet putting these hobbyist on a pedestal simply because they give an old game a whored make-over! Yes, the circumstances behind the shutdown of the project was regrettable, they worked day and night to get this project off-board and to get shut down by egos and internal conflict is a sad case. But people, don’t act like this game is the second coming of Christ, please!! Sonic Fan-Games get pre-maturely canned all the time, so please don’t act like this is different just because this game is hitting your Nostalgia alarms. Get off their dicks and call me when something original gets shut down.

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    Maxfield Stanton

    you can’t be serious dude?! no one is acting like this is the second coming of christ or anything.. and no one called you and asked your overly cynical opinion.

    this was merely a beautiful labor of love project that totally showed how irrelevant SEGA and Sonic Team currently are… you’re just being a hardass cause everything is whored out nostalgia to you. you’re seemingly unable to appreciate anything for the good that it is.

    Front if you want dude, but this sonic 2 hd project was gorgeous and it pretty much seemed to be giving us everything Sega has been refusing to. Sega should have BEEN done something like this for the classic sonic games. it’s just a shame that the guys working on this project had such unfortunate setbacks that led to its current status. i dont blame anyone for being sad that they wont ever get to play the full version.

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    Carlos Abdu

    Well somebody has to be the sane man when everyone is on this team’s dick all the time and if that makes me cynical, than so be it. Dude, the entire internet has been a buzz over this over rated rehash simply because the internet is just one giant crackhead trying to smoke DAT NOSTALGIA. People are so stuck on the past that they’ll take anything that will let them do the Time Warp Dance. The last time I seen people going wild over a rehash was Streets of Rage Remix. However, and this is critical, SOR Remix was a bunch of guys using pirated resources from an old game to make a celebration game that felt fresh. The Sonic HD guys put a lot of effort into creating HD visuals and interface to re-create an old game. Tell me which is more impressive.

    Yes, this was a beautiful labor of love….so were the other 100 Sonic fan projects out there. Some are more original than that, but they don’t get loved because idiots just want more of the same…even among fan wank that is basically old Sonic games modded with recycled sprites and patch work levels. The ones who actually go through the effort to build everything from scratch (even the GASP Concept!!) only get noticed within the Sonic community, but get blasted by everyone else. A bunch of guys made Sonic 2 all shiny and shit and they get GAME THAT EVERYONE WANTS TO PLAY! How is that fair?

    Like i stated, these guys put a lot of stuff into their work and it’s sad to see it go that way. But it’s not that impressive to re-do an old game in HD. If they where that godly, they could have used their sprites, their music, their levels and re-arranged them to be a totally original game that still held true to the spirt of the Genesis games.. or go even further and make a totally new style Sonic 2-D game (it has been done before). People shouldn’t get a free pass due to nostalgia unless it’s something legit (like PacMan DX, SF2HD or the new Sonic CD).

    Oh Sega doesn’t owe anybody anything, since Sonic 2 has BEEN available in like, 20 different platforms. Don’t get distracted by the shiny, dear Neph. What SEGA owes us is new versions of series they HAVEN’T been milking to death and all the games they never brought back (A Panzer Dragoon collection, wink wink?)