Possible Signs That Toonami Is Coming Back?

This past weekend Cartoon Network played perhaps one of their best April Fool’s jokes (https://www.theouterhaven.net/2012/04/01/well-played-cartoon-network-well-played) by bringing Toonami and it’s host, TOM (Voiced by Steven Blum) for several hours. I as well as many others loved it. Well it seems that perhaps the bigwigs over at Cartoon Network are either seeing how well that went or have been thinking about this for some time. But what am I referring to? The return of Toonami of course.

First there was the tweet from Steven Blum himself stating that if we wanted more Toonami to let Cartoon Network know and now there’s a tweet from the official Adult Swim twitter feed (Click here) asking if we want Toonami back.

Hell yes we want it back! Everyone tell you friends, your enemies and even your parents! We need this to happen! So why are you still reading this? Get to twitting! C’mon we need our childhood back!