Verzion Fios Bids The Funimation Channel Farewell

Tomorrow marks the date when Verzion will yank the Funimation channel from their FIOS line, 7 years after it debuted on September 29, 2005. With it will be the collective scream of thousands of subscribers who’s likely only reason for switching to FIOS was due to channels like the Funimation channel. 

I had recently contacted Funimation about this and I was informed that they were still in negotiations however that seems to have broken down with no news from them since then, so I guess it’s all but inevitable.

Though all is not lost, you still have access to the entire Funimation catalog on Hulu ( and you can still watch videos on the Funimation website ( still it won’t be the same as sitting down on the old’e couch with the family and friends.

Farewell Funimation Channel! It was a good ride while it lasted.

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