The Tablet Wars Just Got A New Player

Yesterday Apple I finally revealed the iPAD 2S iPad HD “The New iPad”, the successor to the iPad 2. So after all the hype was it worth the wait? Well that really depends on how you look at it. Sure there were rumors on the new tablet having a quad core processor and a super high resolution “retina” screen among other things, however while the displayproved to be correct the processor is kinda right.

The Apple iPad  brings to the table a super sexy 9.7 inch 2048 x 1536 (that’s 264 ppi), a huge upgrade from the iPad 2’s display of 1024 x 768 (4 times as much resolution) , the A5X dual core CPU with a quad core GPU processor which is also the  very same graphics processor that is powering the Sony PS Vita and lastly a rear 8MP camera which is an upgrade from the iPad 2’s 5MP camera.

So is it worth it? Who’s to say, sure it’s the latest and greatest from Apple and I’ll admit it definitely looks to be a great tablet, you’ll get no argument from me. That said is it worth upgrading to if you already have an iPad 2 or a Android tablet that is capable of running ICS? Well my friends that going to be entirely up to you and how you use your current tablet. If you just use it to ready e-books or browse the net or casual usage then you’ll probably better off keeping your current tablet. Now on the other hand if you like to game or have an interest in using graphic intense applications or simply need to have the latest and greatest then the iPad might be for you.

Now I won’t go into detail with spec’s and how it runs or what not as there’s tons of tech sites out there that are already doing that, some of my favorites in fact that are doing good write-ups on this are, and,

Apple’s iPad will go on sale on March 16th 2012 for $499 (16GB Wifi), $599 (32GB Wifi), $699 (64GB Wifi) and for $629 ( 16GB Wifi / 4G), $729 ( 32GB Wifi / 4G) $829 ( 64GB Wifi / 4G).

 Will you get one?