Still No Update From Funimation Regarding Fios Removal

*UPDATE* I finally heard back from Funimation regarding the impending cancelation, sadly there wasn’t really much to be said on their part. So far it still looks like the channel is going to be removed.

At this time it is still looking like FIOS will be dropping the FUNimation Channel. We are still in the process of negotiations. Stay tuned to our facebook page and our home site as we will alert all our fans to our progress concerning this issue.

With only 9 days to go until the impending removal of the Funimation channel from Verizon’s Fios one would expected any news or updates from Funimation. I mean its all over their channel and they said they’d post updates on the website / blog, however I’ve yet to see anything. I’ve also attempted to contact them several times with no response.

I’m still hoping that they’ll pull a rabbit out of their hat and do something to say the channel, however if not I’ve already begun distancing myself and my daughter away from the channel in the event of the imminent.

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