Avengers Vs X-Men #0 Releases Today, Series To Start In April

Marvel is set to rock the Marvel (616) universe yet again, this time pitting the Avengers vs the X-men. Although the actually series doesn’t launch until April 4th 2012, Marvel is releasing a lead-in  labeled “Avengers vs X-men” which will get readers up to speed on why these two Marvel super teams will be facing off against each other. Avengers vs X-men will be a 12 issues series and also will have a tie-in series called Avengers vs X-men VS, which will basically be the Avengers vs X-men but just with the fight scense for those who don’t want to be bothered by the story

But since we love you we’ll give you a very short recap of what this has come to pass. The Phoenix Force (That super powerful entity that loves taking over redheads) is on a course towards Earth. The Avengers pick up on the Phoenix Force’s energy signature and inform the Government of America of what is happening. Suddenly the same exact engery signature appears on Earth and of course Iron-man already has a monitoring system in place (Good Old Tony) and they go…. oh shit. So he and Captain America head on over to check with Wolverine ( Who runs his own school for mutants in honor of Charles X.) who tells them he knows as does the entire mutant population (all 125 of them) and let’s them know where the Phoenix Force is heading. Yep, Genosha (formerly Asteroid M), the mutant island that serves as the X-men’s and remaining mutants (most of them) home. So Cap ends up on the beach and the X-men tease up as Cyclops goes to have a word with Captain America.

Oh…. did I mention that we’ll also be introduced to a new Nova Corps member, Sam Alexander? You know since they kinda pulled an Amuro Ray on the previous Nova Corp’s member, Richard Rider.

So that’s what you have missed and what will be revealed however we haven’t included what is going to transpire in AvsX #0, you’ll have to pick up the comic at Marvel.com, Comixology.com or your local comic shop to find that out. You iOS and Android gear heads can also download the Marvel Comics and Comixology apps and download them right to your devices.

Better bring popcorn, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

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