Verizon To Drop Funimation Channel From Fios Line-up

I recently received an email from Verizon stating they they would be dropping the Funimation channel from their Fios line-up come March 15th. It’s bad enough we can’t get the Cartoon Network in HD but now they drop the one channel that I constantly watch, in fact it was due to them having this channel that I finally made the switch from Comcast.

Once I heard about this I quicky went to the Official Funimation website to see if they had a annoucement regarding this but there was nothing. In fact they still have banners showing that the Funimation channel is on Fios. I hope they know what’s going on here at least and I hope that Verizon gets an ear full of crap regarding this decision. Of all the useless channels on Fios (I’m looking at you G4TV) there has to be another reason for why they decided to axe the Funimation channel.

If anyone is aware on how to contact the people at Funimation, please let me know as I didn’t see any contact methods so far.

Verizon, this is a joke. You charge us out the butt and now you remove one of the better channels…….

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