Get Your Funimation On The Go!

Calling all you Android and iOS users. Do you like Anime? Of course you do, why did I even ask. Well does Funimation have a surprise for you. Currently tehy are working on apps for both platforms that will let you access two different favors of Funimation.

While not much information is known at the moment they did mention that the app will give you total access to the entire Funimation catalog and you’ll have the ability to either use Funimation Free, their free offering and Funimation , which looks to be their priced offering however no pricing has been determined yet.


FUNimation – Free






Promo episodes, clips, trailers

Unlock thousands of hours of anime, complete series, clips, trailers


Commercials, banner ads


Elite Video Subscription Upgrade     

Yes (Get full access to subscription content, no commercials)

Yes (Get full access to subscription content, no commercials)

Once the app goes live I’ll be sure to test it out and let you know how it goes.