Why not join up with us in 2012?

So looks like we all made it alive to 2012, well most of us anyway (R.I.P Older server). A new year, new stuff to report and talk about and here’s where you can get in.

The Outerhaven staff is looking for 2-3 people who love gaming, anime, comics, movies and technology to write with / for us. If interested simply submit a sample article / essasy to us on any topic (Keep it clear) and we’ll get back to you.

Keep in mind we are local to the DE/NJ/NY/MD/PA area so we are looking forward to covering events in those areas and even a few that aren’t (Pax East 2012 here we come!).

2 Responses

  1. Keith Mitchell
    Keith Mitchell

    Well, I won’t go that far my fellow. Now if you have any editorial skills, then yes!