Square-Enix Blazes It's Way Into Arcades with Gunslinger Stratos

Just when you thought that Square-Enix was losing steam they come out of nowhere and drop a bomb on the arcade scene. Just a few days ago Square-Enix introduced their latest arcade title, Gunslinger Stratos, and as you can imagine by the title it involves guns.

Currently slated for a 2012 summer release in Japan, Gunslinger Stratos features 4 vs 4  arcade gun battles that can be played against either the CPU or Online against other players. Even the hardware is amazing, even though we aren’t sure what is powering the unit we do know that it features 60 inch plasma’s at 60 fps!

Gameplay wiseyou are able to play 3 different ways using a hand held gun (Guncon maybe?);

  • Double Gun Style: The standard two gun style
  • Side Style: Switch to machine gun or shot gun
  • Tandem Stye: When used as a rocket launcher or other powerful weapon

This game definitely seems to have some high production values due to the amount of talent that was put together to create this game, talent such as By King (Mobile Suit Gundam Vs Extreme), Mari Shimazaki (Designer from both Bayonetta and Okami) Gen Urobuchi and even Daigo Umehara supports game.

The sad part part is this is likely something that will be released outside of Japan and there isn’t any news about a console port (Though this would be perfect on the Playstation Move).


2 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Carlos Abdu

    Gasp on several points?! A Squenix title that is actually worth talking about? A Rail Gun game that is actually interesting? Did SE just make a DBZ game… with guns?! Did said game just shitted all over any DBZ game in existence? Daigo supporting a game that’s NOT a fighting game?

    But most of all…. Did that big dude just blow a fucking building with a laser cannon?!

  2. Avatar
    Maxfield Stanton

    Yo, if this turns out to be an awesome game and released to consoles, and requires a PS Move or guncon peripherals, I’ll actually go and kop it and those accessories.