Redline Finally Makes It Across The Finish Line

Hang on to your hat’s gang cause the Redline anime sensation is finally getting a release here in the good olde US of A! That’s right, Redine is hitting both Bluray and DVD on Janurary 17th, 2012!

If you aren’t familiar with this cult classic let me bring you up to speed. Redline is the story of a racer called “JP” who’s one goal was to win the “Yellowline” race. Sadly this was not accomplished since he and his mechanic were accused of sabotaging the race after an explosive (That they planted) explodes and puts “JP” in the hospital, oh and they also went to jail. While recovering “JP” finds out about another race called the Redline and that he qualified for it after two previous racers dropped out.

I wouldn’t say anymore other than it took 2 years to get this title over to the states so I highly recommend that if you love anime that you definitely give this title a look.

Did I mention it was animated by Madhouse and took 7 years to complete! Check out the trailer below to get a taste of what you’ll find in the full release.


2 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Maxfield Stanton

    Oh Yeah, I WILL have REDLINE in my grubby paws come the 17th of Jan.

    Madhouse will always have my love..

  2. Avatar
    Carlos Abdu

    Speed Racer, Wacky Racers, fuck even F-Zero and Wipeout can’t touch this amount of awesomeness. THIS is EXACTLY the type of Anime that needs to be supported throughout the world!! I can’t wait!!

    Btw, love the fact that Patrick Seitz is blowing up now, getting more good quality roles and he seems to have a lot fun with this one. Go Speed Ragna GO!!!