I Can’t Stop Listening To The Gran Turismo 5 Soundtrack

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of Gran Turismo 5 ,although I did enjoy the previous Gran Turismo titles. Being a racing game fan I grew up on racing games and I enjoy them immensely but something about Gran Turismo 5 just gives me the fits, I really don’t know why but I suspect it has something to do wit the game being in development for 5 YEARS and still felt like an unfinished product when it was released or the countless times it was delayed. However, I digress as I’m not here to complain about Gran Turismo 5, no I’m here to state the love I have for the Gran Turismo 5 soundtrack.

I love it so much that this soundtrack is constantly in my weekly music rotation, it’s that good. Full of genres such as Alternative, Rock,  Dance, Classical,  Jazz, and Lounge the soundtrack  never has a dull moment and has a consistent flow, It’s got so much packed into it could be the soundtrack of my life as I can relate to it so perfectly.  There’s so many talented artists on this album it’s no wonder why it sounds so good, but damn….Daiki Kasho tracks I consider to be the best out of all of them. If you aren’t familiar with Daiki Kasho I’ll just say he’s done a lot of music for game series such as King of the Fighters, F-Zero and of course Gran Turismo. When I see his name on the music credits I automatically know I’m in for a treat.

Alright, I’ll switch off my fanboy (Read fanboi) mode and Let you in on what I didn’t like about the Gran Turismo 5 soundtrack… ready? It doesn’t contain a lot of the in-game music but if you can get over that like I did then it’s a moot issue.

Simply said if you haven’t heard the Gran Turmiso 5 Soundtrack or don’t have this in your Video Game Music Soundtrack collection then you are sorely missing out and I feel sorry for you.

And just cause I’m just a nice guy I’ll give you a sample of two tracks from Gran Turismo 5, of course, both are from the Daiki Kasho persuasion.



You can pick up the Gran Turismo 5 Soundtrack at any import gaming store, stores that carry soundtracks or Apple’s iTunes.

See entire Gran Turismo 5 Soundtrack Listing after the break
Disc 1

01     Moon Over The Castle GT5 Version     6:11
02     Like a Bird     4:25
03     my favorite wings     3:00
04     Cubic Luster     3:21
05     The Trip     4:09
06     Take Control     3:32
07     Liberty     4:16
08     Smoker’s Lament     3:38
09     Passion     3:13
10     Dark Line     3:59
11     Slow On The Uptake     4:00
12     8va Curves     2:54
13     Night birds     4:22
14     Gloss Of Speed     4:54
15     radiotire     4:26
16     Drive On Coins     5:02
17     5OUL ON D!SPLAY     3:49
18     Day To Live     4:23

Disc length 73:34

Disc 2

01     7 days reminiscence     3:54
02     WINDS     3:58
03     Cecile     3:15
04     Holiday     2:58
05     HOT STUFF     3:48
06     Horizons in May     4:32
07     Madeleine     3:46
08     City Circuit     4:06
09     SOLITUDE     3:59
10     Beautiful Area     4:03
11     The First Person     3:42
12     Eve     3:50
13     Sunday     4:48
14     In Transit     3:29
15     Mighty Engine     3:40
16     Apollo     3:21
17     SIDE OF YOU     4:27
18     memorabilia     3:41

Disc length 69:17

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