Help bring Dark Souls to the PC

The successor to console only sleeper hit of 2010, Dark Souls, may be hitting the PC… if there is enough demand for it. Are you hearing PC gamers? They want to know if we want Dark Souls on the PC, well do we?

Recently a Namco Bandai employee dropped the following information on the Dark Souls official forums;


“There is always possibilities to have games adapted on PC and the good news is that Dark Souls is not a 100% typical Console game so the adaptation is possible.
Now to make things happen, let’s say the demand has to be properly done. someone to make a successful petition?”

So that’s exactly what someone did. There is now a online petition for Namco Bandai to bring Dark Souls to the PC. So if you’re a fan of Demon Souls or Dark SOuls and would like to see if hit the PC I highly recommend that you head over to the petition and sign it. Currently there are over 30,000 signatures on there!

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