Mark Beemer and Shirts for a cure at NYCC’11

During the 2011 New York Comic Con I found my self at the Skullgirls both and while I’ve followed the game I’ve never played it, so I asked around to find out where the line was. I was told that it extended around the both to the front so I proceeded to get in line. However during my wait, I was told by another gentleman that the Skullgirls line was the other way and was asked to move from in front of their booth, but then something caught my eye. Intrigued I asked what exactly this booth was all about and it was then explained that this was the booth for “Shirts for a cure”.

Mark Beemer Shirts for a cause at NYCC 2011

Mark Beemer Shirts for a cause at NYCC 2011

This booth was devoted to the cause started by Mark Beemer who lost his wife due to breast cancer. Mark took it upon himself to take a stand against the Cancer that had forever changed his life and started “Shirts for a cure”.  Prior to this Mark was a photographer and a frequent concert-goer, who now turned his talents into the lifeblood of “Shirts for a cure” to help spread the awareness about breast cancer. I had some time to speak to Mark directly and his cause and during this conversation, I’ve found yet another fine example of human decency.

Proceeds from each sale for “Shirts for a cure” go toward educating women regarding the dangers of breast cancer and provides financial assistance for those who are unable to afford the cost of the highly expensive treatment of breast cancer. Each of the shirts that are sold all feature band related art and are exclusive to “Shirts for a cure”.

Anyone interested in purchasing a shirt for the cause can head over to

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